Should we use essential oil for children?

essential oils and kids

Essential oils are natural medicines good for health and beauty, non-toxic, no chemical preservatives so perfectly safe to use essential oils for adults. How about babies? Many parents wonder that using essential oil is good for infant’s hair is not because pure essential oils have a very high temper. Look for the most accurate answers in the article below.

Should we use essential oil for children?

The answer is yes. Because of oil have many nutrients to help kids have healthy hair, shiny, smooth and thick. In fact, in infants, it still appears as hair loss in adults. This is completely normal. However, many parents feel anxious when they see the hair loss in their child; because they think the child has signs of rickets, calcium deficiency. This is not necessarily true.

Infants with hair loss are a natural process arising from hormone in the body. Before birth, the baby is receiving high levels of hormones from the mother’s body. After the baby is born, the level of this hormone begins to decline. This made her hair fall into the resting state; in other words, do not continue to grow as well. Time “rest” of the hair will end when her body is ready to start a new hair growth cycle, the hair roots will sprout and push out the old hair falls off. Baby’s hair will be patchy and ugly for a while, but the thicker new hair will be quickly replaced.

Although hair loss is infant natural process completely normal and we still have some way help them minimize the loss of hair and hair growth stimulating baby quickly, including essential oil.

However, as noted above, essential oil is very high quality to release heat, if the parents do not have enough knowledge and understanding of how to use, it can cause unwanted damages to the child’s hair.

Essential oils can be used for children


* Essential oils including Tangerine, Chamomile, Grapefruit, Rose, lavender, cedarwood, Lemon, Orange sweet, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Lemon Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Green Tea, ….

* Oil lead / background pure oil: Jojoba Oil, Almond, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, and Baby Oil and odorless…


  1. Pure Tangerine Oil: can treat insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, and have a calming effect
  2. Oil Pure Chamomile: has anti-inflammatory, anti-insect bites, rashes symptomatic treatment, dental pain, abdominal pain and have a calming effect, improves sleep.

In addition, camomile essential oils can help them relieve pain and discomfort, especially during teething baby. You can put a few drops of essential oil camomile on a towel, and then put her towel in the room.

  1. Grapefruit essential oils: have the same effect as tangerines.
  2. Rose essential oil: Have anti-insomnia, calming and some skin diseases.
  3. Lavender Essential Oil: calming effect, soothing, anti-insect bites, improves sleep. Lavender essential oil helps your baby comfortable and relaxed. It is not toxic but also stimulates your baby happy. You can put a few drops of lavender oil on a clean cloth and put the cloth near your place to breastfeed.

Additionally, you can also combine small lavender and camomile in the bath for children. The fragrance blends will help the baby to relax and have a cleansing effect on the baby skin from head to toe. Moreover, the oil also helps the baby away from the chemical commonly used in shampoos and soaps.

Take a warm bath can help loosen any blockage in your baby’s chest and help her calm down. Add a few drops of essential oil of lavender or chamomile essential oil to bath water can also cause respiratory villages to ease your baby’s cough.

  1. Cedar wood essential oils: can be used to treat several types of eczema.
  2. Pure Lemon Essential Oil: can help children gain self-confidence.
  3. Pure Sweet Orange essential oil: can be used to treat a number of digestive disorders.
  4. Rosemary essential oils: You can mix almond oil and essential oils of Rosemary when daily infant massage. Properly massage helps the baby’s digestive system better circulation, your baby is relaxed, fun, and sleep better.
  5. Melaleuca Oil: For younger children, the tea tree oil can help a cold room, chasing welding, low deviant. After the bath, the mother can apply a little oil on your temples Melaleuca. Cold, flu mothers can give one bit of tea tree oil to smell. Mild aroma of essential oils will help decongestants, nasal become pleasant help. Especially the mosquito bites, insect bites swelling, just rubbing a little oil of Melaleuca up to make the mosquito bites itch, reduce swelling. Also, if the mother knows, mosquitoes are hydrophobic melaleuca oil, so when the child is bathed with a few drops of oil of Melaleuca will limit mosquito bites but also protects against the stock room, welding, low deviant enhanced protect the body.
  6. Green Tea Pure Essential Oil: helps prevent dermatitis, acne, rash, astringent, clean skin, and stimulate good immunity

Some ways to use essential oils for children

1. Incense oils

A few drops of pure natural essential oils into candles or the compartment of the electricity humidifier / essential oil diffuser. Fragrance oils will diffuse into space will have a bactericidal effect, help cleanse the air, help prevent colds, coughs, flu, … and will help soothe baby infant spirit always feel the comfortable, calm and healthy spirit.

2. Massage:

* Duration of massage depending on the age and condition of the baby, usually:

  • Less than 5 minutes: under 2 months of age
  • About 10 minutes: 2 – 9thang age
  • From 10 -15 minutes: > 10 months of age.

– There should be a reasonable timetable massage, maybe it’s time waking up or before bathing …, especially around the time the mother is not too busy with other work. Usually, just massage 1 times / day is enough.

* Instructions: Dilute essential oils pure base oil, Johnson Baby Oil unscented lotion or a 1% oil (i.e. phase 5 drops of essential oil to 30ml of pure natural oil and lead / non-oil platform children’s smell) and then gently apply massage oil then the chest, back and limbs for children.

– Dose oils used for children under three years of age and infants are the same.

* Effect: help her cheerful, healthy, smooth, bright and help prevent diaper rash, acne rash and rooms some symptoms: a cough, colds, fatigue, pain, dermatitis … very good.

3. Bath with essential oils

Small 2-3 drops of essential oil to the tub / sink of hot water for young children and infants to help protect the health, prevent disease, and help translate your baby’s skin will become smoother and brighter.

You can also mix 2 drops of essential oil with 0.5 l of warm water to clean or wipe the baby person.

Effects: help her cheerful, healthy, smooth, bright and help prevent diaper rash, acne rash and rooms some symptoms: a cough, colds, fatigue, pain, dermatitis … very good.

Some other tips:

  • Always buy essential oils from reliable brands
  • When hugged the child going away or too crowded places, you rub baby oil on clothes at both room and both rooms mosquito bite disease
  • When are mosquitoes, ants, insect bites, you can apply up 1 little oil will help reduce itching and swelling.
  • Note:
  • When using essential oils for children to avoid eye contact with oil; Do not apply to the small area of skin, open wounds.
  • Discontinue use if your child has an allergy to oil signs.
  • The first use of oil should have a 24-hour test with essential oils of his choice by 1 drop of essential oil to 10ml of pure warm water and shake well then apply to the thinnest skin to test reaction within 24 hours.
  • Protected from direct sunlight and high temperature place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not swallow.

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