Take care of different hair types

People usually consider fine teeth and fine hair are the most becoming. Absolutely, a healthy hair is very important to our appearance. Nevertheless, each individual possesses their own hair types which need different care methods. Are you jealous of those girls with the smooth and shiny hair? Are you are afraid of facing with your tousled hair every morning? I think you should grasp these below instructions that guide you the appropriate method to take care your hair.

For dry and damaged hair


The dry hair is mainly of hereditary, but there are numerous reasons causing damages and drier state of your hair such as curling, dyeing, drying or the hot weather. The dry or damaged hair often loses its elasticity, become threadbare and is easy to breakage and split ends.

When your hair has excessive dry and split ends parts, you should cut them away. You may want to reserve the length of your hair, but the damaged parts cannot recover despite applying the best hair care products.

Choose the specialized shampoos and conditioners for hair restoration that provide more protein and nutrients for each hair individually.

You should keep hair with natural hair care products and avoid curling, dyeing or stretch your hair when it has not completely recovered

In addition, remember to eat the healthy food that provides nutrients for your hair from inside. The green vegetables and foods made of nuts are recommended as the best choice for your fine hair.

For curling and dyeing hair

You are advised to use shampoos and hair products specialized for curling and dyeing hair because the normal ones, especially some kinds containing mint essences like Head & Shoulder and Clear, may help to enhance your hair’s color, but discolor fast. However, you can use these normal kinds the 3 or 4 first times to get the willing color. Then just apply the professional products.

You absolutely do not wash your hair with hot water, as the dyeing or curling substances is easier to go away and your hair will lose color and be weak soon.

Moreover, you ought to not regularly use a hair dryer if you don’t want to the dye fade rapidly. For curly hair, the fan is better to dry your hair, then get rollers and don’t forget to apply some gel to keep the style.

The oily hair is usually sticky due to losing the balance among the sebaceous glands secreting oil. This causes by genetic or physiological reasons and also by much fatty diet. Otherwise, the characteristics of tropical weather are the other reasons for the oily hair.

It is suggested to use shampoos containing zinc and do not use the conditioner. If you are in a hurry without washing your hair, baby powder is magic supporter that helps to control the oil in your hair. In addition, you can get face oil remover film for your hair at noon.

For thin hair

You get the thin hair naturally or by much hair breakage. The thin hair is the lack of energy and poor elastic so that it looks lifeless and not strong. The shampoo and conditioner for the thin hair should contain volumizing ingredients. After shampooing, you can get a hair dryer for fine hair. You focus on the roots from the bottom upwards. You can change your hairstyle with curly ones that thicker your hair and helps a healthier look.

For dandruff and broken hair

Some cases of hair breakage are due to dandruff causing hair pins’ inflammatory, your hair becomes very weak and brittle. The best products are specialized types of dandruff, dandruff flakes or dandruff itching treatment. Moreover, you should often massage scalp to improve blood circulation, helping the capillaries under the scalp absorb nutrients and stimulate hair growth. You should avoid curling or dyeing that make dandruff scalp infections more severe and harder to cure

The final thoughts

A fine hair is a part of our healthy body. I am sure that if your hair is smooth and shiny, you get good mood, and consequently, you will work well everything without annoyed. The first things you should do are defining your hair type, take a look at your bathroom and change the suitable shampoos and other hair care products. Hope you are more beautiful and healthy with the better hair.

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