Protecting Water Sources for Children’s Future: Individual Approaching

Though water is the most abundant resource available on the earth planet, even then the majority of world population lacks the access to the clean water for routine intake.

The various water sources available to us are rain water sources, surface water sources and underground sources. But the water available in these sources is not of very form and cannot be consumed directly. This is so because the water sources are often contaminated with various hazardous chemicals, minerals and particles of waste material which give rise to multiplying of various kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses in the water.

These bacteria and viruses when consumed along with the water spread severe diseases in animals and human beings. The diseases enter the food chain and thus contaminate almost every food item we intake.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to protect water sources.

Everyone seems to be aware of the need to protect water sources but no one actually pays much attention to it when it comes to the action phase. This is because the general though process of every person is that protecting water sources is the responsibility of the government only. But this is not so.

“Charity begins at home” and “a single step taken is half way covered” are the two appropriate phrases that fit in here. It is not only the government which is responsible to protect the water sources. Each and every one of us is equally responsible and accountable for degrading the water sources and therefore each and every one of is liable to our bit in order to protect the water sources.

But what can we do, on an individual basis to protect water sources?

Will my small effort even count?

Will my efforts be significant enough to protect water sources?

But how can I start with it?

These are the common questions in everyone’s mind who wish to do something to protect water sources. We are here to bring easy solutions to these questions.

Here is an easy approach to start with smallest initiative at individual level to protect water sources:

Reduce personal water usage:

At an individual level, you can save water by reducing water usage at personal level.

  • Close the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Prefer bucket bathing instead of bath tub and shower bathing.
  • Prefer bulk laundry at weekly basis instead of daily washing.
  • Use flower pots instead of growing garden on the land.
  • Prefer bucket washing for car wash.
  • Check for any water leakages at home.

Res use and recycle water:

One can do his/her best to re use water at individual level in very simple ways:

  • Use cooking waste water for gardening.
  • Connect sink waste water to the home garden.
  • Laundry waste can be re used for courtyard floor cleaning.
  • Waste water that runs out of your water filter system can be re used in dishwasher or gardening.

Contribute to prevent water pollution:

The main reason for impurities added in the water sources is the pollution. The main pollutants are added by the individuals itself and so if each individual contributes a little effort at his/her personal level.

  • Never dump plastic materials in any water source.
  • Never let the long hair flow into sewage.
  • Never throw waste food particles into water sources.
  • Reduce fertilizer usage if you are an agriculturist or maintain a home garden.
  • Even the garbage thrown in streets flow into the water sources therefore never through any waste particles (especially plastic waste) on the streets.

So this simple approach can help you to contribute your share in protecting water sources so that our fellow mankind and the generations to come have enough water resources at their disposal.

Take a leading step; Save and protect water !

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