Newborn Care Experience For Mothers [Part 2]

Part 1:

Baby’s Weight Care

Weight loss is a perfectly usual phenomenon in the first days of a newborn baby. Since this is a period of excess fluid in the baby’s body is thrown out. Baby weight reduction is not over 10% of their birth weight. Nevertheless, the mother should feel secure that the baby will regain his birth weight after 1-2 weeks.


Nutrition Care for Baby

Mothers should breastfeed as soon as possible so the baby can get the nutritious colostrum. If the mother feels that milk comes slowly, within one hour of birth, the mother can totally give suck for the baby. Most babies need to be fed every 2-4 hours and about 8-12 times a day. Mother also pay attention to the correct feeding posture to help the newborn absorb the necessary nutrients.


A few hours after birth, 1-2 vaccinations for the baby are extremely important. Baby need to be injected vitamin K for supplementation and vaccination for hepatitis B. Vitamin K helps to prevent bleeding disorders (hemorrhagic disease of the newborn), and hepatitis B vaccine – a vaccine is extremely important for the newborn.

Communicating With Your Baby

Baby will recognize your voice because it is too familiar to him during the last period. You can communicate with your little voice, vision and smell and your smile. All the attitude of your actions will be recognized and acquired by your newborn. You will also quickly notice the body language of your baby.

Some Normal Phenomenon Of A Newborn


Mother would often see the baby is startled, even when he is lying in a quiet or noisy room.

Sticky eyes phenomenon quite common in the baby, the most common cause, is due to the baby’s tear duct is starting to go into operation. Your to-do this time is to clean and gently massage your baby. But it is better you should take him to a doctor for examination.

If the baby has the signs of inflammation, including the eyelids or bruising because of the caesarean instrument, mother can feel peace of mind because this phenomenon will soon run away in the first few days.

Mother Care

The baby can be healthy if his mother is healthy too. Therefore, the time after birth, taking care of your health is very important. Health experts recommend that mothers should drink plenty of water and make a healthy diet. This both helps the mother to quickly recover health and have the abundant milk supply to the baby.

In the first week, your newborn will need time to adapt to the new life and environment. Therefore, you should also to have mental preparation for not eating and sleeping freely; these things should be based on your baby‘s schedule. He will not let you sleep overnight, especially during the first week after leaving the hospital.

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