Basic steps for teaching kids to cycle

Biking is one of the enjoyable hobby and experience of kids. When they can ride alone, they feel jubilant as if they have grown up already. To teach your children to ride a bike, in addition to selecting an appropriate bicycle for them, do not ignore the suggestions below!


Choose an appropriate bike for your kids

To make it easier for your children to learn how to bike, you have to buy them a suitable one. When purchasing a bike for your baby, you should note the following points:

  • With children from 4-6 years old, wheel’s diameter should be about 35 – 40cm.
  • The bike is easy for children to get on and off: pay attention to the height of the saddle; make sure that when sitting on the bike, baby’s feet could touch the ground.
  • Pay attention to the distance from the seat to the handlebars of the bicycle so that when sitting on the bike, kids can hold the handlebars comfortably without having to stretch or bend their arms too much.
  • Ensure the stability of bike’s wheels by shaking the bike to see whether they are loose or not.
  • Observe the bike from front to back and vice versa to see whether its frame is straight or balanced or not.

Begin with the easiest

To teach your baby to cycle alone, you should first let them do it with a four-wheel bike until they can be familiar with it. Then, you can remove the two small wheels and teach your kid how to ride a two-wheel bike.

Adjust the height of the saddle

If you think that the seat of the bike is too high for your baby to ride, you need to adjust it to fit the child’s posture while cycling.

Start correctly

To teach your kid how to ride a two – wheel bike, first, you should keep the bike upright, choose a safe plane ground. Then, you instruct your child how to ride properly. You can leave the pedal of the bike at the 60-degree angle, and put one foot of yours on the pedal to generate power to run the bike, when the bike’s wheels begin moving a little bit, let your baby set his or her feet on the pedal at the other side.

At the first time, your kid may be afraid of biking, so he or she will ride slowly with difficulty, then when your child becomes familiar with the bike, he or she will pedal more firmly in a longer run.

Teach kids how to keep balance with their bike


When your baby can get used to cycling, you can make the bike’s saddle higher. To help your child balanced, you should support the kid by gently holding their back or the seat of the bike while your baby cycle. Then, you gradually hand off for a moment. When you see the improvement of your child, you can do it in a longer time. However, you should always stay close by to support your kid anytime he or she need.

To encourage your child, you could count loud the number of seconds that he can pedal without your support. This will make your kid excited, and try to keep balance with their bike without your help in longer and longer time.

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