About Us

My Mother always taught me that it is not polite to toot your own horn. But how else are you to know anything about me if I don’t do it a little?

My name is Dena Danielle and I’m named after my Grandmother. Her maiden name was Dena Daniel. It really feels like you are connected to your family in a special way when you are named after someone. Like I am special somehow.

I’ve often been told I’m special, but not in a good way! Ha ha! Ok, I am a little different. Not one to follow the crowd so to speak.

Born with big brown eyes and bouncy strawberry curls (Mom says that my hair sparkled in the sun with shimmery copper strands), I was loved and adored by family and friends.

Still am I suppose, but the sparkle in my hair is not from the copper strands as much as the gray.

But as the years have passed, I have come closer and closer to the real me. And I would trade a million copper strands for gray, just for that knowledge. Heck, my strawberry blonde comes out of a bottle these days anyway 😉

Family was my number one priority in my young years, and when my own little girl with bouncy copper curls and my darling little son with ash blonde curls came along, I spent the next 20 years enjoying every dang moment with them. Relishing every moment of Mommy-hood.

Soaking up the goodness that seems to fly by so fast.

But babies grow up and life changes. You sort of find yourself floating in a place that you can’t even name. Of course you want your child to go into the world and conquer…but the lonely feeling of that empty nest thing is not easy.

Then the unthinkable happened…I found myself single after almost 24 years of marriage. And let me tell you, the emptiness of your child leaving doesn’t even begin to compare to the despair of a failed marriage. But you know what? It’s been a few years and it’s actually getting easier and easier. I do believe in a higher power. Who knows my deepest fears, cares about my tears, and wants the best for me. So I’ve surrendered everything into the hands of someone who knows it all and I just take one day at a time.

I knew that being a Mom and wife was only part of who I was. And having a passion deep inside me that was trying to emerge, I started thinking of all the things that I had done while being a stay at home Mom (church banquets, church plays, school projects, parties, decorating for friends and family’s wedding, baby showers, homes, ect) and knew that all these things had just prepared me for what I needed to do next.

Decorating has always been in my blood. Taking a house and infusing it with loved items until it becomes a home. And all the while doing it on a budget. Recycling, reusing, re-imagining, and re-purposing was something I did long before it was popular. Because I had to!

So, I decided to start sharing my passion with other people beside family and friends. I didn’t want to be like every other decorator out there. I wanted people to know that I was just your regular girl next door. An average gal who loves to create beautiful spaces.

And that’s how “Girl Next Door Decor” came to be. I realize now that there is another Girl Next Door, but that’s not me! Ha ha! I’m a little too over the hill to be that kind of girl next door 😉

I decorate for homes, events, and anything else that I can get my hands on. I love junking, DIY, and finding a bargain! And then I love sharing it with you via this website and a few social networks as well (who in the heck has time for them all!!!).

I MUST give a shout out to the company that I use to build my websites (I have 3). I could never have built a successful e-business without Site Build It.

Honestly, that’s not a hype. They taught me everything there is to building an online business and not just a website. Check them out if you’re interested in building a future for yourself and your family as well.

Even my son started his own website for his love of guitar. Check it out for yourself…Full Score Guitar Lessons. He’s a super cutey (don’t you dare tell him that I said that publicly)!

So I guess that’s me. A middle aged woman that loves her family to distraction, hot glues the heck out of anything that will sit still, finds junk in the most unlikely places, and sits in her pjs typing away on her computer telling you all about it.

I really do hope you have a super fabulous day full of blessings.

If you are interested in hearing more about my story or if you need any baby shower advice, you can contact me. I’d love to hear from you.